5 Brand New Business Ideas That Can Make You Rich With Little or No Capital.

“Ideas”, they say, “rule the world”. This is a fact that will remain true for centuries to come. And those with realistic ideas and those that are ready to grasp opportunities like these, will be the champions. Do you know why I say this? Many people that will become millionaires at the last quarter of this year may not have any idea of what to do now! It is for this reason that our team of business experts has cracked their skulls to bring about these five brand new business opportunities for Kenyans.

I want to state here that these business opportunities may not be entirely new since they are already well established small businesses in Europe and America and have been responsible for the wealth of many business owners. 

1. Apartment Preparation Business.

In our today’s society where everybody is busy trying to make ends meet and having little or no time for self or leisure, an apartment preparation business owner is on his way to making millions of shillings this year.

The focus of this business is to get an apartment ready for the next tenant to move in. And so you will need to clean and scrub your way to success.
The startup cost for this business is low. All you have to do is to build a customer base using sources such as landlords and estate agents. Placing advertisements in the local newspapers, magazines, flyers, and on online media like facebook will help boost your business. If you can do this faster, better and cheaper than is expected, you will develop a growing business in less than no time.

To increase your marketability, offer several services, including carpet cleaning, wall washing, painting, wallpaper repair, and overall cleaning services, minor electrical repairs. Read more on Business Opportunity column.

2. Antiques Sale Organiser. 

In most homes today, you find many items that are no more in use filling up valuable spaces and making homes congested. Many families have grown up kids that do not require certain toys, shoes, bicycles, books, clothes, utensils and many other things whereas other families within the same locality may have kids that require such items. This idea forms the essence of an Antique Sale Organiser.

Your job as an Antique Sale Organiser is to visit the homes of preferrably rich clients and convince them on the need to have these items auctioned. You will also be responsible for organising the sale of these items to those in need of them.

The startup cost for this business is almost zero as it depends on your convincing skills. You need some money to print your business card and to place adverts in recognized local newspapers, magazines, and radio station. You will be surprised to find thousands of shillings stacked securely in your bank account.

3. Family History Enterprise.

There is an overwhelming and growing interest in recording and documenting family histories. This is particularly glaring when you consider the way people are getting interested in protecting or preserving family histories. Or tell me how you will feel if you see the picture or video recording of the man that gave birth to your grandfather? Many people today are interested in preserving this history for the future generations and this comes with a price only researchers of family history can grab.

This history can be presented in the form of a pictorial book or a video recording in DVD. Your success in this business will largely depend on your investigating skills in researching family histories by asking the aged people in the society questions and hearing their own version of the story as handed down to them by their own ancestors.

The startups costs are very minimal if you have a camera and a computer. Create a family history film to use as a selling tool. Build a website so you can show your potential clients snippets of how their family history will look. Charge more for elaborate presentations and for those that will include interviews with many family members. 

4. Temporary Tattoo Business.

Let’s not be deceived, almost everyone loves the idea of getting a fun or meaningful tattoo, but many fear the permanence of the ink. You can provide fun and awesome tattoos to your clients even if you have never taken an art class and can’t draw a circle or a square.

Are you wondering how you can start a temporary tattoo business? There are many options out there. To learn more, visit www.tatstore.com or any other viable option out there.

The temporary tattoos are hot sellers at any time at mall kiosks, at fairs, at community markets, parties, carnivals and many more events. Be creative in marketing because you don’t need to be an artist to apply these temporary tattoos.

5. Lawn Care Service.

I know of an unemployed worker who turned a single lawnmower into a six-figure operation business in one year. This individual printed up a brochure on his new lawn care service offering a 10% discount to first-time customers and distributed it throughout one of the major towns. In one month, he hired his first employees and by the following season he was just booking the jobs.

Even in a tough economy, homeowners do not seem to have the time to grow, weed, trim, fertilize, aerate, rake, remove leaves and mow their lawns. You can charge per hour on tasks such as leaf raking and offer a flat rate on lawn mowing.

Find a fun name for your business and look into renting equipment until you build up enough capital to purchase your own mowers.


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