How to Start Restaurant Business in Kenya

Restaurant business is very lucrative. Apart from the initial investments that you need to invest it can earn you life long revenues and luxurious life. For excellent and very high results from opening a restaurant business there is a lot of hard work and planning required.
Everything needs to be perfectly implemented for gaining high profits. A restaurant business is a safe business with no or little risk. You get what you have invested in a short period of time for sure. Profits can be assured if regularly you are making amendments in accordance with the changing trends. If you have targeted the mass then you will surely enrich benefits. You have to produce good quality services to your customers in order to enjoy the success.

Why Start a Restaurant Business in Kenya
  1. Restaurants are in huge demand. A good restaurant is always filled with customers. You can earn a lot of money from a restaurant if everything is perfectly executed. Probability of earning huge profits and less loss is high in opening a restaurant business. 
  2. There have been only a few food courts or restaurants which are not successful otherwise maximum number of restaurants are successful. Youngsters prefer to eat out in restaurants and the working class also considers restaurants to be the perfect place for filling their tummy.
  3. A restaurant owner enjoys profits all through their life and gets a key to live a life in a luxurious way.

What is Required to Start a Money Making Restaurant Business in Kenya

Whether you build your restaurant from the ground up or you plan to buy an existing one, you need to have a very organized, functional set-up. From the appetizers you serve, to the chairs on which your patrons will sit, you will need to have every detail in place. Setting up your restaurant's exterior, dining area, kitchen and menu requires significant time and attention to detail.

Menu Design: Design your menu to attract customers and market your restaurant. 

Menu costing: Learn how to set your menu prices to maximize profits.

Design: Set up the interior and exterior of your restaurant to balance functionality with ambience.

Restaurant kitchens: Set up your restaurant's kitchen to make it efficient, safe and functional.

Stock control and inventory: Explore various stock control techniques and learn how to develop a suitable inventory system for your restaurant.

Finding and managing suppliers: The suppliers you rely on to run your business need to be managed efficiently. Find suppliers to fill the many needs of your restaurant.
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